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Foreign Animal Disease Preparation

What is the risk of an FAD, like African Swine Fever, to the U.S. swine industry? How would the U.S. respond to an FAD outbreak? What can you do on your farm today to prepare? We are offering workshops, presentations at farm/company meetings, and individual or small group assistance to help with FAD preparedness, enhancing biosecurity, and Secure Pork Supply plans. Learn more about available workshops and assistance.

In the News

Iowa Pork Industry Center at Iowa State University has scheduled a November 22 session for those interested in becoming certified as a Pork Quality Assurance 4.0 Advisor and applications are now being accepted. Iowa State Extension swine veterinarian Chris Rademacher is coordinating the session, to be held at the Hansen Ag Student Learning Center in Ames.

The 2019 Iowa State University Animal Industry Report is now available online. The annual report, begun in 2004, features a variety of animal industry-related research and study done at Iowa State that is supported by the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station. The report is coordinated through the animal science department and is published by the Iowa State University Digital Press, using a new publication system this year.

The ISU Research Farms have put in place an advisory for African Swine Fever which joins existing advisories for FMD and Avian Influenza. Visitors are welcome at the ISU Research Farms and tours can be arranged by contacting the farms in advance. If visitors arrive at the research farm unannounced, they are encouraged to call the farm office or the farm superintendent on arrival. All three advisories are available through links on the farms' visitors page here