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Foreign Animal Disease Preparation

What is the risk of an FAD, like African Swine Fever, to the U.S. swine industry? How would the U.S. respond to an FAD outbreak? What can you do on your farm today to prepare? We are offering workshops, presentations at farm/company meetings, and individual or small group assistance to help with FAD preparedness, enhancing biosecurity, and Secure Pork Supply plans. Learn more about available workshops and assistance.

FAD Preparation Guide

Check out our FAD Preparation Guide here. We've put together a compilation of information, steps to take on your farm, and resources to help you get started in preparing and protecting your farm from FADs. Learn what might happen if an FAD is diagnosed in the U.S., how you can prepare with tracability, disease monitoring, biosecurity, and contingency planning, and find a collection of helpful resources related to African Swine Fever and FADs.

In the News

SowBridge, the distance educational series for those who work with sows, boars and piglets, and with genetic and reproductive issues, begins its next program year in February, and registration is now underway. This low-tech opportunity pairs electronically provided materials with live presentations via teleconference.

PorkBridge Educational Series for 2020 Begins Feb. 6. Since 2005, PorkBridge has provided relevant and timely information to grow-finish swine producers and other industry professionals across the U.S. and around the world through a unique low-tech delivery method. The 2020 program year series begins on Feb. 6 and continues on an every-other-month for six total sessions, according to Iowa State University contact Ken Stalder.

Manure Applicator Certification sessions for 2020 are set. The Commercial Manure Applicators program is Jan. 8, beginning at 9 a.m. This year the session includes an update on deep pit foaming in swine manure, value of manure sampling and testing, and what to look for when evaluating manure storage structures. Find a county extension office hosting location. Confinement site operators can find a workshop location and date that works for them. Check out the Iowa Manure Management Action Group website for details, publications and other materials, and a link to sign up for the newsletter: The Manure Scoop, by Dr. Dan Andersen.

The Pig Survivability Project plans international conference in 2020. This five-year project, led by faculty and staff from Iowa State University, Kansas State University and Purdue University, is planning an “International Conference on Pig Survivability” Oct. 28-29, 2020 in Omaha, Neb. Learn more about the project including personnel, activities and resources.