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Iowa Pork Industry Center at Iowa State University is offering a Pork Quality Assurance Plus 5 certification session for program advisors on Monday, Oct.10. This session will be held virtually, and coordinator Chris Rademacher, who also is ISU extension swine veterinarian and interim IPIC director, said those interested need to submit their application soon.

IPIC and the ISU Department of Animal Science are excited to announce the return of the ISU Swine Industry Experience. This program is designed to help meet the critical need for trained swine industry professionals by providing undergraduate students with exposure to and expansion of industry knowledge, skills and professional relationships. The January 2023 experience includes hands-on farm learning, classroom lectures and industry networking opportunities. Best of all, thanks to our sponsors, accepted students will pay nothing and also will be eligible for a scholarship Application deadline is Nov. 1, 2022. See more info and application requirements.

The final FAD preparedness workshop in this series is Wednesday, Sept. 21. ISU extension swine veterinarian and IPIC interim director Chris Rademacher encouraged pork producers and caretakers to attend. He said the Foreign Animal Disease Preparation for Pork Producers workshops focus on the “next steps” in FAD preparedness at the farm level.


Geopolitical expert Peter Ziehan is the guest in a special PigX podcast episode. He describes impending impacts of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on the swine industry, and if you raise, handle or eat pork, this special podcast episode could be the best 11:38 you'll spend today.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword for pork producers. It offers a focus to set new goals and standards in their operations, and consequently, the swine industry as a whole. Improving sustainability of pork production involves fully understanding how the environment and production practices interact, and the use of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) helps provide that information. A new fact sheet, Sustainability in the Swine Industry: Understanding the Life Cycle Assessment, and new calculator can help producers in their sustainability efforts.


Covid-19 what you need to know

Animal growth resources: Due to unique circumstances that have disrupted the flow of market hogs to packing plants for harvest, the IPIC team hosted a webinar to discuss nutritional strategies to alter market hog growth on April 21, 2020. Updated information from university and commercial research projects was presented during a second webinar on May 28, 2020. Click on the below videos if you missed them or would like to watch them again. Also, we have developed additional supportive resources (below the video) that were referenced in the first webinar that can be downloaded. As these documents are updated, the link will remain the same. Sign up for regular email updates.


Dealing with stress: Serious financial and other stresses continue to impact and affect those in our agricultural community. Here are links to some resources to help deal with a variety of stress concerns and grief.
The Iowa Concern Hotline is always available at 800-447-1985, and at

foreign animal disease preparation

What is the risk of an FAD, like African Swine Fever, to the U.S. swine industry? How would the U.S. respond to an FAD outbreak? Learn more about Secure Pork Supply assistance and workshops.

We've put together a compilation of information, steps to take on your farm, and resources to help you get started in preparing and protecting your farm from FADs. Check out our online FAD Preparation Guide here.

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