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Secure Pork Supply workshops

IPIC is available to help producers understand state and federal responses to a foreign animal disease, and learn how to use Secure Pork Supply resources to prepare for an FAD outbreak. Learn more about available workshops, and individual and group assistance.

In the News

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig, State Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Kaisand, and Iowa State Fair officials announced new animal health inspection requirements for swine exhibitors at the 2019 Iowa State Fair. These additional exhibition requirements were developed with input from veterinarians and other third-party experts and are designed to promote biosecurity and animal health as African Swine Fever (ASF) continues to spread across China and other parts of Asia and Europe.

The purpose of Iowa Drainage School 2019 is to train stakeholders in sub-surface drainage concepts, planning and laying out drainage systems including surveying a profile, laying out the system, calculating tile line sizes and spacing using actual field data, and fixing common drainage system issues. The school is scheduled for August 20-22 at the Borlaug Learning Center in Nashua. Each day includes a combination of hands-on training, lecture and discussion, and problem solving using in-field examples. More information is available on the Iowa Drainage School website here

The ISU Research Farms have put in place an advisory for African Swine Fever which joins existing advisories for FMD and Avian Influenza. Visitors are welcome at the ISU Research Farms and tours can be arranged by contacting the farms in advance. If visitors arrive at the research farm unannounced, they are encouraged to call the farm office or the farm superintendent on arrival. All three advisories are available through links on the farms' visitors page here