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ISU information and research

ISU Information

Swine Feed Efficiency Fact Sheets
The following topics are provided:

  • Not Always Linked to Net Income, IPIC 25a
  • Genetic Impact, IPIC 25b
  • Particle Size Testing Methodology, IPIC 25c
  • Influence of Particle Size, IPIC 25d
  • Influence of Pelleting, IPIC 25e
  • Influence of Temperature, IPIC 25f
  • Decision Tree, IPIC 25g
  • Influence of Market Weight, IPIC25h
  • Effect of Dietary Energy on Feed Efficiency, IPIC 25i
  • Influence of Ractopamine, IPIC 25j
  • Impact of Feeder Design and Management, IPIC 25k
  • Influence of Amino Acids, IPIC 25l
  • Influence of Sow Feed on Whole Farm Efficiency, IPIC 25m

National Swine Feed Efficiency Program - A research and extension project led by Iowa State University and Kansas State University to address improvement of feed efficiency in swine

ISU Research

Applied Swine Nutrition - Led by Dr. John Patience
Website provides overview of current research projects and reports, journal papers and presentations from completed projects.

ISU Animal Industry Reports
Reports are available within the Digital Repository at ISU. Users may browse or search for specific topics.

Additional resources

Nutrient Requirements of Swine: Eleventh Revised Edition (2012)

This publication is available for purchase on the web at Nutrient Requirements of Swine National Academies Press.

National Swine Nutrition Guide from US Pork Center

The guide can be purchased at the above link. The chapters of the guide are available as downloadable factsheets on the Pig Information Gateway (P.I.G.) website. The following Swine Nutrition Guide factsheets are linked to the Pork Information Gateway. Other factsheets can be search for at the swine nutrition category of the Pig Information Gateway. Pig Information Gateway Swine Nutrition Category

Selected National Swine Nutrition Guide Fact Sheets

Feed Additives

Feed Ingredients

Feed Manufacturing and Feeding Systems


Nutrient Recommendations General

Pork Production Stages and Nutrition

Swine Diets

Other nutrition related factsheets


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