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Decision Tree   Influence of Particle Size
Effect of Dietary Energy on Feed Efficiency   Influence of Pelleting
Genetic Impact   Influence of Ractopamine  
Impact of Feeder Design and Management   Influence of Sow Feed on Whole Farm Efficiency  
Influence of Amino Acids   Influence of Temperature  
Influence of Market Weight   Not Always Linked to Net Income
  Particle Size Testing Methodology


The Physiological Basis of Differences in Efficiency, Metabolism and Energy Partitioning between Lines of Pigs Selected for Residual Feed Intake, Dr. Nick Gabler - Iowa State University presented at Joint Annual Meeting 2012
Are More Feed Efficient Pigs Really Less Robust and More Susceptible to Disease?, Dr. Jack Dekkers, distinguished professor, Animal Science, Iowa State University  
Maximizing Piglet Survival via Altered Nutrition for Hyper-prolific Sows, Dr. Peter Kappel Theil, Animal Science, Research Center Foulum, Aarhus University.

Decision Tools

Calculators Feeder Adjustment
Gestation Feeding Tools Nursery Pig Branched-chain Amino Acid Calculator
Particle Size Premix and Diet Recommendations
Swine Nutrition Guide    

Additional Resources

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Nutrient Requirements of Swine
National swine nutrition guide book cover
National Swine Nutrition Guide


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