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Iowa Swine Day

The 12th annual Iowa Swine Day was held Thursday, June 29, 2023 on the Iowa State University campus in Ames. The program was packed with highly regarded speakers focusing on important issues facing U.S. pork producers. Iowa Swine Day is a collaborative effort between Iowa Pork Industry Center, Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, ISU Extension and Outreach, ISU Department of Animal Science and Iowa Pork Producers Association.


Recordings from Iowa Swine Day Program 2023


Selected video presentations

Agriculture at the end of the world - Peter Zeihan, geopolitical strategist, Zeihan on Geopolitics, Austin, TX


Wild boar populations - Dr. Ryan Brook, associate professor, Animal and Poultry Science, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK


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Stacie Matchan

Stacie Matchan.

Program Specialist