Pork Quality and Safety

Pork Cuts

Detailed description of various pork cuts including cooking tips.

Pork cuts


Correlations among selected pork quality traits

Effect of selection for reduced residual feed intake on composition and quality of fresh pork

Effects of Blast Chilling on Fresh Pork Quality in Chops from the Longissimus Dorsi

Genetic improvement of meat quality traits in pigs

Impact of dietary fat intake on carcass iodine value and pork fat quality

Influence of lipid content on pork sensory quality within pH classification

Influence of selection for improved growth rate on pork quality

Naturally cured meats: Quality, safety, and chemistry

Nutrient utilization, pork quality, and lysine requirement of immunological castrates

Relationship of Fat Quality and Meat Quality Traits of Fresh Pork

Selection for lean growth efficiency in Duroc pigs influences pork quality

The effect of selection for intramuscular fat on fatty acid composition in Duroc pigs



The Spread of Contamination in Pig Processing - Dr. Scott Hurd

Videos by the late Dr. Scott Hurd, DVM

Additional Resources

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Measurements of Meat Quality Fact Sheet

MRSA Fact Sheet

Secure Pork Supply
To enhance communication and coordination, accelerate a successful Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) response, and support continuity of operations for pork producers.

Trichinae Certification in the United States Pork Industry


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