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If you work in or with breeding and gestation units, gilt development systems, or farrowing barns, the SowBridge program is for you. This program helps improve your understanding of important topics and increase productivity in your breeding herds and farrowing systems. Since 2007, the series has reached producers and industry professionals across the U.S. and around the world. Sessions are recorded and the audio provided to subscribers as it becomes available.

SowBridge 2022-2023 runs from February 2022 through January 2023. Registrations are accepted anytime during the year. See the brochure for schedule, topics and registration form.

Presentations from selected program years are available for viewing by program year as listed below. Please note that information was correct and appropriate as of the presentation date. No guarantee is made of accuracy of any of the information since that date.

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2021-2022 program year sessions click to expand

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February 2021
Day One Sow Care; Ashley Johnson, Zoetis

March 2021
Preventing COVID-19 on Swine Farms; Erin Ehinger, Provimi North America

April 2021
Mental Health of Barn Workers; Robin Tutor Marcom, North Carolina Agromedicine Institute

May 2021
Gilt Development; Steve Brier, Smithfield

May 2021
How to Handle Activists on Farms; Jen Sorenson, Iowa Select Farms

July 2021
Litter Size Adjustment Strategies; Steve Horton, Thomas Livestock

August 2021
Sow Lifetime Productivity Findings; Jennifer Patterson, University of Alberta

September 2021
Pig Farm Safety Practices; Melissa Millerick-May/ Beth Ferry, Michigan State University

October 2021
Gilt Synchronization - Tools & Techniques; Tim Safranski, University of Missouri

November 2021
Economics of Mortalities on Sow Farms; Caleb Shull, The Maschhoffs

December 2021
Interventions to Reduce Mortalities: Pre-weaning; Kara Stewart, Purdue University

January 2022
Sow Lameness; Benny Mote, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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2020-2021 program year sessions click to expand

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February 2020
African Swine Fever and Secure Pork Supply; Pam Zaabel, Iowa State University

March 2020
What You Need to Know About Foreign Animal Diseases; Justin Brown, Iowa State University; Chelsea Hamilton, IDALS and ISU

April 2020
Feeding Strategies for Pre-farrow Females on Piglet Survivability; KiahGourley and Jason Woodworth, Kansas State University

May 2020
Impact of Drying Newborn Piglets; Mike Ellis, University of Illinois

May 2020
Porcine Circovirus type 3: What We Know; Albert Rovira, University of Minnesota

July 2020
Capturing Value of Cull Sows; Ken Stalder, Iowa State University

August 2020
Maintenance of Euthanasia Equipment; Steve Moeller, The Ohio State University

September 2020
Gestation/Lactation Ventilation Do’s and Don’ts; Erin Cortus, University of Minnesota

October 2020
Proper Disinfectant Application; Jose Ramirez, ViroxAnimal Health

November 2020
Induction Protocol Updates; Rob Knox, University of Illinois

December 2020
Upcoming Technology in Pork Production; Andy Brudtkuhl, National Pork Board

January 2021
Electronic Sow Feeding Management Tips and Tricks; Tom Parsons, University of Pennsylvania


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2019-2020 program year sessions click to expand

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February 2019
Foreign Animal Disease Awareness; Patrick Webb, National Pork Board

March 2019
Gilt Selection; Darwin Tilstra, Topigs Norsvin USA

April 2019
Understanding Health Challenges in Today’s Production Systems; Jason Ross, Iowa State University

May 2019
Timing and Dosage of Iron Injections; Joel DeRouchey, et al., Kansas State University

June 2019
Water Quality Considerations For Sows; Jesse McCoy, Neogen

July 2019
Culling Criteria; Joe Stock, PIC

August 2019
Dealing with delayed puberty in gilts; Knox, Safranski, Stewart

September 2019
Making Proper Injections; Ashley Johnston, Zoetis

October 2019
Handling Chronic PEDv; Ross Kiehne, Swine Vet Center

November 2019
Common Biosecurity Breaches; Andreia G. Arruda, the Ohio State University

December 2019
New Reproductive Technologies: Sex Sorted Sperm in Pigs; Kirby Willenburg, Fast Genetics

January 2020
Getting More from Your Greatest Assets; Jon Hoek, Summit Smart Farms