adult pigs and piglets.

Breeding and Reproduction

Proposition 12 Resources

Sow Management Considerations with California Proposition 12, IPIC 207


Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP)

Sow mortality, specifically as the result of pelvic organ prolapses, has significantly increased in recent years in the U.S. swine industry.

In 2018, IPIC received funding from National Pork Board to lead an industry-wide effort in identifying specific areas that may be contributing to the increasing incidence of prolapses. Additional POP research has been done through the Improving Pig Survivability Project, a 5-year collaborative grant funded by National Pork Board and the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR).


30 Pigs per Sow per Year (P/S/Y) (Hyper-prolific sows)

Achieving 30 pigs per sow per year is a reproductive efficiency target that has become achievable by many sow farms in the industry. These articles from National Hog Farmer provide information on the topic from national experts.

10 Crucial Steps to Sow and Litter Care

Feeding for Sow Reproductive Efficiency

Maximizing Genetic Potential of Sow Productivity

Understanding the Physiology of 30+ pigs/sow/year

Gilt Development

Selecting, managing and developing replacement gilts is key to the success of any sow operation, regardless of size. How replacement gilts are managed from birth through their first lactation can have marked implications on productivity the remainder of their life.

Image of Publication Identification of Measures Predictive of Age at First Puberty

Identification of Measures Predictive of Age at First Puberty

The Squeal Podcast



Strategies for Selection and Identifying Replacement Gilts
Reproductive Tract Development: Part 1
Matt Romoser, Swine Field Specialist, Iowa Pork Industry Center

Sow Lifetime Productivity (SLP)

Sow Lifetime Productivity (SLP) refers to the number of quality pigs a sow weans over her lifetime. A variety of management approaches from the neonatal stage through first lactation can contribute to SLP. These articles highlight the importance of several different production stages.

Assessing feet and leg structure

Floor space allowance and future reproductive ability

PigX Podcast Season 1 Episode 11 Overall Sow Longevity with Dr. Mark Wilson


Image of Publication Identification of Measures Predictive of Age at First Puberty

Swine it Dr. Ken Stalder Implementing Technology and Maximizing Sow Productivity


Troubleshooting Reproductive Problems

National Swine Reproduction Guide

Boar Management

Boar fertility publication

Boar Fertility


Matt Romoser

Matt Romoser.

Swine Specialist