Niche Production

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Economics and Business Management click to expand

Information on business development, cost management, returns, and record keeping.

Business development and management

Costs and Returns


Example Niche Pork Operations click to expand

Links to selected U.S. niche pork operation websites.

  • Albright Swine Farms, Coldwater, Michigan - This business sells freezer meat, roaster pigs and club pigs.
  • Berkwood Farm - This coalition of more than 50 independent family farmers is one of the largest American suppliers of 100% certified pure heirloom Berkshire pork. These hogs are raised in a healthy, humane nad environmentally friendly way.
  • Joe Huber's Family Farm & Restaurant, Starlight, Indiana - Located outside of Louisville, this farm markets homegrown products from its own farm market, gift shop and restaurant.
  • Niman Ranch - Sells meat directly to consumers, restaurants and markets, and to distributors across the country.
  • Snake River Farms, Boise, Idaho - This business sells American Kurobuta pork, which is 100% purebred Berkshire pork, along with American Wagyu and Northwest beef and other gift items.
  • Vande Rose Foods, Iowa Falls, Iowa - This niche marketing company sells Duroc pork to gourmet retailers, high-end restaurants and private clubs across the country.


General Resources click to expand

Information for small and beginning producers, the Niche production handbook, and more information on producing niche market pork.


Marketing Niche Pork and Niche Pork Alternatives click to expand

Information and resources for marketing your niche pork products.


Niche Pork Production click to expand

Information on biosecurity, disease and animal health management, facilities, genetics, nutrition, and reproduction for niche pork producers.



Disease and health management

Facilities, Housing and Equipment





Pork Processing click to expand

Information on pork processing and examples of Niche pork processors and marketing companies.

Examples of niche pork processors and marketing companies (No endorsement intended or provided)

  • Heritage Foods This Missouri-based natural pork company was formed in 2001. It also has producers in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas and Arkansas.
  • LaQuercia Norwalk, Iowa - This produces prosciutto, a thinly sliced dry-cured ham. Other products include speck, pancetta, coppa, guanciale and lardo.
  • Nahunta Pork Center The largest all-pork retail displayer in the Eastern United States; with two locations. The meat is processed in-house.
  • Webster City Custom Meats, Inc. - This North Central Iowa meat processor buys fresh hams, bellies and loins from packers and creates smoked value-added pork products. In addition to its own private label, the company processes for other firms.


Pork Quality click to expand

Information and research on factors that influence pork quality, measuring pork quality, and pork quality fact sheets.


Virtual Farm Tours and Short Educational Presentations click to expand

View selected virtual farm tours and presentations from niche producers.

Recordings of still pictures and some video clips with audio describing individual operations, winter 2009

Specific management segments


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