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Ag Decision Maker fact sheet and decision aid to determine manure nutrient value - Microsoft Excel spreadsheet linked from this page
Compares manure nutrient values to commercial fertilizer. Developed by Kelvin Leibold and Tom Olson, ISU.

Ag Decision Maker spreadsheets to estimate net returns when marketing finished pigs at present or in future.

Crush Margin Calculator

Use the Crush margin calculator to estimate the margin of return for cattle or hogs placed on feed at a user defined date. Chicago Mercantile Exchange futures data on feeder cattle, finished cattle and corn are used in the cattle portion and lean hog, corn and soybean meal are used for hogs to generate the margin. The margin provides an estimate of gross return that will need to cover the other costs and profit goals.

For additional information or questions contact Russ Euken ISU Extension Livestock Specialist or 641-923-2856, or Lee Schulz ISU Extension Livestock Economist or 515-294-3356.

Economic Impact of Swine Operations - National Pork Board
This is designed to highlight the dynamic income and expense activities created by pork production farms, and provides categorical revenue and expense components that highlight significant economic impacts in the local and regional communities from those farms.

Manure Nutrient Value Calculator v1.2 Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
Includes P-index information for Iowa producers. Available via email, on CD or as arranged.
Developed by Ken Stalder and Garland Dahlke, ISU

OFFSET calculator University of Minnesota
Odor From Feedlots Setback Estimation Tool (OFFSET) Scroll to see this Excel spreadsheet which is based on Minnesota climatic conditions and intended primarily for Minnesota producers. Links also to metric version, user guide and worksheet.

SDSU Distillers Dried Grain with Solubles (DDGS) Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
Helps determine costs of using distillers dried grain in swine rations
Developed by Robert Thaler, South Dakota State University

Water Chart Usage Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
Graphs daily water disappearance as a measure of the growth process for groups of pigs. Developed by Mark Storlie, ISU and Mike Brumm formerly of the University of Nebraska

Wean-Finish Crowding Impact Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
Space balance is a very critical concept in modern pork production. Many producers discuss this concept but all too frequently it is not well managed. This tool provides pork systems with a  method to evaluate pig space balance. The tool evaluates wean-to-finish and conventional  finishing where reduced production efficiency, especially throughput (pounds of sold pork carcass weight) can really negatively impact a pork production system’s efficiency. This tool helps a pork production system determine when additional finish space is need because they are giving up too many pounds of carcass weight they could be selling. Ultimately the tool will help pork producers make certain that there is adequate number of grow-out spaces for weaned pigs ensuring that production standards are met year round.
Developed by Ken Stalder and Garland Dahlke, ISU

What's Manure Worth? calculator University of Minnesota
This tool provides estimates of the economic value of manure based on manure type, application method, soil nutrient status and crop need.

Spreadsheets available through registration links

Economics of Weaning Age Calculator Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
This calculator can help producers evaluate whether it pays to reduce breeding herd inventory in order to increase weaning age. It also can help producers determine how much the breeding herd inventory must change for alternative weaning ages to ensure that the farrowing capacity of the farm is not exceeded. Developed by Derald Holtkamp, ISU.
Excel 2003 version
Excel 2007 version

Genomic Selection Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
This spreadsheet can be used to estimate the total costs associated with genome-enabled selection. Producers can see how much improvement in a weaned pig will be necessary in order to break even on the costs associated with genome-enabled selection, and to determine if they think investing in animals that have been selected based on genomic methods is economically viable. Seedstock suppliers can use the spreadsheet to make breeding program decisions. Register for this free download.
Developed by Ken Stalder and Caitlyn Abell, ISU.

Sow Longevity Spreadsheet v2  Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
This spreadsheet can help producers determine optimum times for keeping sows in their operations. It uses operation-specific production and financial information, so individual producers can determine how long sows must remain in their herds to create a positive net value. Developed by Ken Stalder, ISU, and Curt Lacey, University of Georgia.

Breed-to-wean (Choose your desired version, complete and submit the form to access it)

Farrow-to-finish (Choose your desired version, complete and submit the form to access it)

Optimum Maximum Parity Calculator Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
This tool helps the producer determine the optimum maximum culling parity for commercial sow herds by estimating the economic value for the genetic improvement that occurs over time (also known as genetic lag.) Complete and submit the registration form to access and download this spreadsheet.
Developed by Ken Stalder and Caitlyn Abell, ISU.

Software to purchase

(Breeding and Farrowing Schedule, Budget Cash Flow, Group Tracker, Pig Profit Tracker, Sow Tracker)

Breeding and Farrowing Schedule v7.4 Excel format
Used to help determine optimal breeding and farrowing dates based on individual operations and inputs. Cost is $50 per copy. Iowa residents: please order through your ISU Extension swine specialist.
Developed by Ken Stalder and Garland Dahlke, ISU.

Budget Cash Flow v1.2 Excel format
Use to help evaluate a current or potential swine producing scenario in terms of both budget and cash flow for a period of up to 11 years. Cost is $50 per copy. Contact Colin Johnson for more information or to order.
Developed by Ken Stalder and Garland Dahlke, ISU.

Group Tracker v1.42 Excel format
Allows for consistent collection of data for comparison within an operation and between aggregated group data. The program creates a closeout summary for individual finishing pig groups and calculates all performance and production parameters using the NPPC Standards. Cost: In Iowa -- $30 with data sharing, $100 without sharing; outside Iowa -- $50 with data sharing, $150 without sharing. Developed by Mark Storlie, ISU. Contact him for more information.

Pig Profit Tracker v3.21 Excel format
Allows producers to vary input and operational costs to see how differing scenarios affect their operation’s economic bottom line. Cost is $20 per copy. Contact Colin Johnson for more information or to order.
Developed by John Mabry, Colin Johnson and Garland Dahlke, ISU.

Sow Tracker v2.33
This software is designed to allow for data entry, calculations and report generation for reproductive traits in swine and will aid in starting a farm on computerized sow records. These records can be uploaded to more comprehensive commercially available industry programs. Cost is $500 per copy. Contact Colin Johnson on multiple herd price, for more information or to order.
Developed by John Mabry, ISU.


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