Employee Management

ISU Extension and Outreach Resources

Checklist for Iowa Agricultural Employers
This checklist provides an overview of important points to consider when preparing to hire employees for a farm operation. Topics include preparing a job description, establishing a written policy handbook, recruiting, interviewing, tax information and more.
Human Resources - Employee Labor and Management
This resource list provides insight into farm employee management, human relationships, skill assessment and development, and mental health resources.


Additional Resources

Behavioral Health Resources List
Mental Health Providers
NPB Employee Safety Toolkit
NPB Employee Safe Pig Handling




What Works

Dianne Bettin (Human Resources Manager and Controller LB Pork, Inc.) discusses working with a multi-cultural team: What works, what we struggle with, and why it's all worth it.

Developing Resilience

During this presentation, Dr. David Brown (Behavioral Health State Specialist at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach) and Dr. Cameron Schmitt (Veterinarian with Pipestone Veterinary Services) offered their real-world insights, experiences and practical tools to develop mental resilience and provide coping strategies in the face of COVID-19.

Resilience Webinar Key Points




Troy Van Hauen (founder and CEO, Accelerated Performance Technicians) addresses shaping and improving your culture by developing your leadership principles.