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Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) Workshops

Preparedness is critical in ensuring timely and diligent response to an FAD outbreak in the United States. These FAD workshops were hosted by Iowa Pork Industry Center swine extension specialists with support from Iowa Pork Producers Association in Fall of 2022. The content has been recorded and split out into 8 individual videos by topic for ease of viewing.

Part 1: African Swine Fever Symptoms (0:06:22)

Part 2. Economic Impact (0:10:45)

Part 3. ASF Vaccines (0:02:48)

Part 4. Foreign Animal Disease Prep (0:07:52)

Part 5. US-SHIP (0:15:59)

Part 6. ISU Feed Standstill Experiment (0:09:44)

Part 7. Resources During a Supply Chain Disruption (0:34:04)

Part 8. IDALS: The Government Response to an FAD Outbreak (0:18:14)


Chris Rademacher

Brett Ramirez

Interim Director

Ventilation Workshops

Swine ventilation workshops offer producers a mechanism to develop a progressively deeper understanding of ventilation system management and troubleshooting to create an environment for healthy and efficient pig growth. These workshops are formatted as lectures and hands-on instruction utilizing a 24-foot trailer equipped with a functioning ventilation system to simulate fan, inlet and controller management.


Two Types of Ventilation Workshop Participation Costing

Sponsored - workshop fees are paid by a business entity, typically a swine company, feed company or vet clinic and are closed events. Sponsors are responsible for providing the location (classroom and garage area for trailer) and the meal for participants.  They also pay an additional fee to cover ISU Extension and Outreach expenses.

  • Phase 1 "Ventilation Basics" - $700 for first day, $600 for second day in same area.
  • Phase 2 "Ventilation Next Level" - $700 for first day, $600 for second day in same area.
  • Phase 3 "Your Ventilation System"

workshop participants.Public - workshop is based on a per person basis and opened to a local region. These workshops have the expenses above but also must incorporate meal and facility costs.

  • Phase 1 "Ventilation Basics" - TBD/person (15 person minimum - 30 max)
  • Phase 2 "Ventilation Next Level" - TBD/person (12 person minimum - 20 max)
  • Phase 3 "Your Ventilation System" - fee not yet established.

All participants provided with a binder of materials.



Brett Ramirez

Brett Ramirez

Assistant Professor