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Air Quality click to expand

Air Management Practices Assessment Tool
The Air Management Practices Assessment Tool (AMPAT) provides an objective overview of mitigation practices best suited to address odor, emissions and dust at your livestock operation, so livestock and poultry producers may compare and narrow their options of mitigation techniques. Practices are divided into three categories by source: 1) Animal Housing; 2) Manure Storage and Handling; and 3) Land Application.

Air quality and livestock odor research website - Iowa State University 

Animal agriculture and air quality website - Iowa State University

IMMAG - Iowa Manure Management Action Group
IMMAG was created in 1997 by commodity and public sector groups to help producers maximize the value of manure as well as protect the environment. It links to many scientific and regulatory resources. 

Iowa State University publications
Air quality practices

The Science of Smell series



Land and Water click to expand


Swine Mortalities Disposal click to expand

Composting Dead Livestock, SA 0008 link opens in new window/tab
This publication describes the disposal of animal carcasses in environmentally sound ways utilizing composting. Detailed design and construction information is included.

Composting: Improving on a Time-Tested Technique - USDA
This article from USDA's AgResearch Magazine describes research on manure composting for livestock producers.

Composting Swine Mortalities in Iowa, PM 1917 link opens in new window/tab
This publication can help with design of composting plans and facilities for swine operations, including sizing, location, layout and testing.

DisSolving Swine Mortality Problems - Iowa State University
This website focuses on swine mortalities and their disposal using different methods of composting. It includes information on composting basics, composter design and Iowa regulations, and includes links to resources about composting activities on ISU farms.

Field Tips for Successful Composting, AE 3549 link opens in new window/tab
This publication provides best practices for composting swine carcasses.


Additional Environmental Resources click to expand

Animal Feeding Operations (AFOs) - Iowa Department of Natural Resources           
This website is designed for animal feeding operations in Iowa.

Animal Feeding Operation (AFO) forms - Iowa Department of Natural Resources
This includes links to all Iowa forms for plans, permits, records, etc.

Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers (CSIF)
CSIF's mission is to work with farmers to advocate and help implement on-farm best-management practices that assist Iowa’s farm families in raising livestock responsibly and successfully. The website has information and links to resources for siting buildings using the Community Assessment Model (CAM.)

Environment Production Topics - National Pork Board
Through this Checkoff-funded project, users can search a database of research articles and papers on environmental management practices related to swine production operations.

Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center, Animal Manure Management - eXtension

Manure Management and Air Quality Website - University of Minnesota

Manure Value Calculator - University of Minnesota
This tool provides estimates of the economic value of manure based on manure type, application method, soil nutrient status and crop need.

OFFSET calculator - University of Minnesota
OFFSET (Odor From Feedlot Setback Estimation Tool) This Excel spreadsheet is based on Minnesota climatic conditions and intended primarily for Minnesota producers. Metric version, guide and worksheet also available.

Wean-Finish Pork Sustainability Calculator (updated 6-21-22)
This Excel-based calculator provides changes in percentages and weight of carbon dioxide based on baseline and target values entered by the user.

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