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Ag Decision Maker contains information on livestock costs and returns, budgets, marketing and risk management. Specific publications from Ag Decision Maker are linked below.

Assessing Economic Opportunity of Improving Mortality Rate in Breed-to-Wean Swine Production (information and spreadsheet modeling tool)

Assessing Economic Opportunity of Improving Mortality Rate in Wean-to-Finish Swine Production (information and spreadsheet modeling tool)

Creating a Flexible Swine Building Lease Agreement

Livestock Enterprise Budgets

Seasonal Hog Price Patterns


Lean Hog Basis

Revenue Insurance for Livestock Producers

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Additional Resources

Estimated Livestock Returns

Estimated returns for farrow to finish, farrow to wean, wean to finish, wean to feeder, and feeder to finish presented in either chart form or Excel file format.

ISU Livestock Crush Margins

Managing the crush margin between the hog revenue and the major inputs costs, weaned pigs, corn and soybean meal that change with market conditions is very important. This tool allows you to view potential profits or margins for your operation.

ISU Livestock Crush Margin App

The ISU livestock crush margin app is a web-based app that can be accessed through the link above by phone, tablet or computer, or by saving the URL on your phone. The app will help you with price risk management by calculating a margin that could be hedged for feeder cattle or market hogs placed on feed at a future date. It uses basis adjusted futures prices from the previous trading day’s close to calculate a market hog finishing margin (Lean Hogs - Weaned Pig - Corn - Soybean Meal).

Actual Livestock Slaughter

USDA Market News Service information on federally inspected slaughter by species and day.

CARD Hog Price and Volume Distribution Tool

This tool provide a dashboard with data from the USDA-AMS Daily Direct Hog Prior Day Net Price Distribution report.

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