New swine management certificate for Iowa State students


Swine certification course list.AMES, Iowa – Iowa State University students majoring in animal science and interested in learning more about swine have a new option. The ISU animal science department now offers a swine management certificate option and students can enroll at no cost.

"The idea behind this certification was to position students for a productive transition to become swine industry professionals," said Justin Chapman, student services specialist in the animal science department.

Previously, students were unsure how to develop class schedules for their animal science degree because there are so many classes. The new certificate solves this problem by giving students the opportunity to focus on swine management while choosing courses. In addition, the certificate won’t add any extra time for students obtaining a bachelor's degree in animal science.

While the swine management certification may be new, there has always been a need for this certificate. Chapman said companies and organizations in the pork industry have talked about ways for students to show potential employers the strength of their educational program. Earning this certificate will be beneficial to students when it comes to finding employment.

"When faculty talked with industry professionals like Decision Innovation Solutions and the Iowa Pork Producers Association, they felt that when students have an interest in swine, they should be able to get something with it," He said. "The formation of the swine management certification is a key component in making this happen."

Students in the certification program are required to earn 24 credits from a specific list of courses, and one of the most important course requirements is ANS 399 Swine Internship Experience, Chapman said.

"The internship is very beneficial because it allows you to gain experience from Industry professionals," he said. "The time spent from the internship will be one of the most rewarding experiences a student can have and will help students in the long haul while continuing their Iowa State journey."

Students and others interested in learning more about the swine management certificate, can contact Chapman at

In addition to this swine certificate, the animal science department also offers similar programs for beef, poultry and equine.

(This article was written by AgEdS 211 student Cade Cameron as part of his job shadow experience.)


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