Dr. Laura Greiner

Dr. Laura Greiner’s research focuses on developing gilt and sow nutrition to improve sow and piglet livability and growth.



B.S. Animal Science, Iowa State University
M.S. Animal Nutrition, Iowa State University
PhD. Animal Nutrition, Iowa State University
Post doctorate Microbiology, University of Iowa College of Medicine


Graduate Students

Chloe Hagen
Chloe Hagen
Dalton Humphrey
Dalton Humphrey
Caitlyn Wileman
Caitylyn Wileman
Previous Graduate Students


Selected Videos, Recordings, and Podcasts

Greiner, L.L. What can we learn from the entero-mammary pathway in sows? The Pig Microbiome Podcast. November 2022.

Greiner, L.L. Understanding the Impact of Mycotoxins in Pig Diets. 2021 Feedstuffs/DSM.

Greiner, L.L. Sow Feeding Do’s and Don’ts Podcast. SwineIt Podcast. February 2020.

Greiner, L.L.  Nutrition. 2020 Swine It - Elite Swine Nutritionist Program. Virtual. 11 individuals.

Greiner, L.L.  Body Condition Scores. Episode 5.  PigX Podcast. October 2020.

Gabler, N., Patience, J., Ross, J., and Greiner, L.L. Slowing Pigs down during COVID Webinar Series. 2020.


CV / Publications



Laura Greiner

Dr. Laura Greiner
Swine Nutrition
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