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4-H Animal Science Roundup

3-day program for high school aged youth interested in swine and other animal science species. The program teaches youth the latest research-based information using hands on laboratory workshops focusing on production and technology. Participants work with experts in the field of animal science and experience college life.

swine skillathon

Livestock Skillathon

Skillathon contest is made up of a written quiz and learning stations such as breed identification, quality assurance, selection, meat evaluation and other livestock skills. Now part of the Livestock Triathlon, along with 4-H livestock judging contest and livestock quiz bowl competitions. Also, there is a swine skillathon during the 4-H swine show at the State Fair.

quiz bowl participants

Livestock Quiz Bowl

Team event for 4th-12th graders where they test their knowledge of beef, sheep, swine and meat goats. Students use a buzzer to answer questions and the teams compete in a double-elimination format by providing oral answers to questions presented by a moderator. Now part of the Livestock Triathlon, along with 4-H livestock judging contest and livestock skillathon competitions.

meat judging

Meat judging

Meat Judging trains youth to distinguish differences in the values of various meat cuts. Youth learn how to evaluate and identify retail cuts as well as wholesale cuts and carcasses. The 4-H meat judging program allows youth to learn about the different cuts of meat along with the trimness and quality factors that affect the safety and taste of the meat products we consume.

pig and person

State Fair Carcass Viewing

Each year Animal Science Meat Laboratory harvests the champion and reserve champion market steers, market beef heifers, market hogs, sheep and goats for 4-H and FFA members. Carcass data is collected by meat scientists and presented on the Saturday following the conclusion of the Iowa State Fair.

first prize ribbon

Livestock Judging Contest

Livestock judging consists of analyzing beef cattle, sheep, swine and meat goats and measuring them against a standard. It is the study of the relationship between an animal’s form and function. Livestock judging has two primary components 1) placing a group of animals and 2) orally justifying your decision. Now part of the Livestock Triathlon, along with 4-H livestock quiz bowland livestock skillathon competitions.

Animal U

Animal U

Animal U promotes involvement in animal agriculture and allows all youth the opportunity to increase their knowledge. It also enables more young people to become involved through accessible, straight-forward, and research-based information.
Program Goals

  • Connect more young people to animal agriculture and promote its application to everyday life.
  • Create an understanding of the relationship between animal agriculture and the science and technology that supports it.
  • Promote the variety of potential careers associated with food production through real-world experiences.


Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) is a quality assurance program for youth. The program focuses on providing education on food safety, animal well-being and character awareness.


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