Dr. Anna Johnson

Dr. Anna Johnson’s appointment is 45% research, 20% teaching, 25% extension and 10% service. Currently, her trans-disciplinary research covers caretaker mental well-being, swine-caretaker interactions, environmental enrichment and livability. She is the lead instructor for a Junior level Domestic Animal Behavior and Well-Being class and a Graduate online Animal Behavior course. She is a state trainer for the PQA+ Program, supports the Iowa Farm Animal Care program and has the pleasure of serving on state, national and international animal behavior and welfare committees.



Doctor of Philosophy, Animal Science, Texas Tech University, 2001
Master of Science, Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare, The University of Edinburgh, 1997
Bachelor of Science, Animal Science with Honours, University of Reading, 1995


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Kelsi Carlson
Kelsi Carlson

Daytona Fortney
Daytona Fortney
Lindsay Peters
Lindsay Peters

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