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Iowa State University Swine Research and Extension Faculty and Staff (updated May 2014) If you have trouble downloading the current version of this booklet, please try refreshing your browser and/or clearing your cache)

Managing Niche Pork Production Feed Costs (January 2009)

SP 346 - Iowa's Agriculture: A Sustainable System (November 2008)


IPIC 7 - Measuring Pork Quality Bookmark listing and description of color, instramuscular fat, water-holding capacity and ultimate pH (December 1999)
IPIC 8 - Minimizing the Use of Antibiotics in Pork Production 16-page booklet (October 2002)
IPIC 11a - Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) in the series "Feeding Bioenergy Coproducts to Swine" (May 2007)
IPIC 11b - Crude Glycerol in the series ""Feeding Bioenergy Coproducts to Swine" (December 2007)

IPIC 12 - Mycotoxin Contamination of Corn: What it is, what it does to pigs and what can be done about it (March 2010)


IPIC 25 series Swine Feed Efficiency


IPIC NPP2007 Niche Pork Production

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