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If you work in or with breeding and gestation units, gilt development systems, or farrowing barns, the SowBridge program is for you. This program helps improve your understanding of important topics and increase productivity in your breeding herds and farrowing systems. Since it began in 2007, the series has reached producers and industry professionals across the U.S. and around the world. Sessions are recorded and the audio provided to subscribers as it becomes available.


Below, see the list of topics, speakers and presentations (pdf) , and listen to available audio (.wav ) from the program’s first few years. This list is updated as files are available. Please note that information was correct and appropriate as of the presentation date. No guarantee is made of accuracy of any of the information since that date.


See information on the 2014-2015 SowBridge distance educational series.

SowBridge 2011-2012
March 2011: Steve Pohl, South Dakota State University, "Understanding Barn Controller Operations" Audio file
April 2011: Lisa Becton, National Pork Board, "Proper Injection Techniques" Audio file
May 2011: Steve Mathis, Sampson Community College, North Carolina, "Proper Management and Maintenance of Cool Cells" Audio file
June 2011: Mike Brumm, Brumm Swine Consultancy, Inc., Mankato, Minnesota, "Water Use and Conservation" Audio file
July 2011: Mark Whitney, University of Minnesota, "Barn Walk-Through Troubleshooting" Audio file
August 2011: Darwin Reicks, Swine Veterinary Center, St. Paul, Minnesota, "Operation and Maintenance of Barn Filtration for Disease Control" Audio file
September 2011: Erin Ehinger, Dykhuis Farms, Holland, Michigan and Anna Johnson, Iowa State University, "Alternative Farrowing and Gestation Systems" Audio file
October 2011: Practitioner, Fairmont Veterinary Clinic, Fairmont, Minnesota, "Troubleshooting Farrowing Problems" Audio file
November 2011: Morgan Morrow, North Carolina State University, "Euthanasia Update" Audio file
December 2011: Robert Thompson, PIC, "PRRS Inactivation in Transportation Trailers" Audio file
January 2012: Tim Safranski, University of Missouri, "Managing Gilt Development Units (GDUs)" Audio file
February 2012: Dale Rozeboom, Michigan State University, "Nutrition for Gilt Development" Audio file


SowBridge 2010

January 2010: Beth Ferry, Michigan State University, “In-Barn Communication Among Workers” Audio file

February 2010: Jerry May, Michigan State University, “Your Role in the Public Perception of the Pork Industry” Audio file

March 2010: Ken Stalder, Iowa State University, “Geriatric Sows: Keep or Cull” Audio file

April 2010: Jeff Bender, University of Minnesota, “Keeping Workers Safe from Swine Diseases” Audio file

May 2010: Billy Flowers, North Carolina State University, “Beating Summer Heat for Sows” Audio file

June 2010: Steve Pohl, South Dakota State University, “Air Filtration Systems for Sow Barns” Audio file

July 2010: Tim Safranski, University of Missouri, “Timing of AI” Audio file

August 2010: Rob Knox, University of Illinois, “Pregnancy Detection Technology for Troubleshooting” Audio file

September 2010: Jim Fisher, Producer, Middletown, Missouri, "Emergency Action Plans for Hog Barns” Audio file

October 2010: Locke Karriker, Iowa State University, “Winter PRRS Protection” Audio file

November 2010: Jeff Clapper and Chris Hostetler, South Dakota State University, “Heat Detection Methods” Audio file

December 2010: Joel DeRouchey, Kansas State University, “Managing Feed Drops in Gestation” Audio file



SowBridge 2008-2009

November 2008: Bob Thaler, South Dakota State University, “Composting Mortalities” Audio file

December 2008: John Deen, University of Minnesota, “Proper Euthanasia of Sows and Piglets” Audio file

January 2009: Bob Ivey, Maxwell Foods, “Breeding Management in Pens and Stalls” Audio file

February 2009: Barb Straw, Michigan State University, “Crossfostering Approaches and Bump Weaning” Audio file

March 2009: Jon Hoek, Belstra Milling Company, Inc., “Optimizing Sow Performance Using Rescue Decks” Audio file

April 2009: Joel DeRouchey, Kansas State University, “Creep Feeding” Audio file

May 2009: Rob Knox, University of Illinois, “Reproductive Manipulation Using PG600" Audio file

June 2009:  Ronald Bates, Michigan State University, “Reproductive Manipulation Using Matrix” Audio file

July 2009: Wayne Singleton, Purdue University, “On-Farm Semen Evaluation” Audio file

August 2009: Tim Safranski, University of Missouri, “Induction of Farrowing” Audio file

September 2009: Matt Davis, Hord Livestock, “Sow Watch and Piglet Care the First 24 Hours” Audio file

October 2009: Ralph Williams, Purdue University, “Effective Pest and Rodent Control” Audio file



SowBridge 2007-2008

October 2007: Mark Wilson, Ralco Nutrition, “Heat Detection Tips, Techniques and Importance” Audio file

November 2007: Bill Minton, Minton Veterinary Service, “Observing, Treating, and Preventing Sick or Lame Sows” Audio file

December 2007: Steve Pohl, South Dakota State University, “Importance of Ventilation for Pig Comfort” Audio file

January 2008: Ken Stalder, Iowa State University, “Monitoring and Maintaining Proper Condition of Gestating Sows” Audio file

February 2008: Locke Karriker, Iowa State University, “Piglet Health – Proper Observation Skills and Corrective Actions” Audio file

March 2008: Thomas Fangman, University of Missouri, “Putting Real Biosecurity to the TestAudio file

April 2008: John Shutske, University of Minnesota, “Ensuring a Safe Work Environment” Audio file

May 2008: Mark Whitney, University of Minnesota, “Properly Handling Sows is Very Important” Audio file

June 2008: Duane Reese, University of Nebraska, “Ways to Reduce Preweaning Mortality” Audio file

July 2008: Lee Johnston, University of Minnesota, “Feeding Management in Lactation” Audio file

August 2008: Don Levis, University of Nebraska, “Keeping Gilts in the Breeding Herd and Productive” Audio file

September 2008: Steve Mathis, Sampson Community College, “Preventative Maintenance of Equipment” Audio file


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