Swine Exhibition and Youth Projects

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General Iowa 4-H swine project materials and resources

Iowa 4-H and Youth swine project information
Iowa 4-H and Youth veterinary science project information
Iowa 4-H Animal Science Round-Up
Swine project management and care videos

Swine youth project resources
Amy Powell, 4-H livestock specialist, ISU animal science department
Swine Skillathon materials

Youth Information - Pork Information Gateway
Youth PQA Plus program - National Pork Board

Swine health and disease information for Iowa exhibitors

2016 Iowa Health Exhibition requirements for livestock, poultry and birds at county fairs link opens in new window/tab
2016 Iowa Health Exhibition requirements for livestock, poultry and birds at state fair, district shows and exhibitions link opens in new window/tab

PEDV factsheets for Iowa weigh-in events and county fairs (updated for 2016)

Swine carcass contests at swine exhibitions

Using swine carcass information (video) - University of Wisconsin

Carcass Value Contest - background

The objective of the Carcass Value Contest is to utilize carcass ultrasound scan information to establish a market value for live pigs and rank from highest to lowest value for a contest using carcass information and pig performance.

A unique pricing matrix is used to reflect how packers establish the value of a pig carcass.

Base carcass value is adjusted for:

  1. Carcass weight discount - Discounts are used by all major U.S. packers for carcasses that are outside of the desired weight range.
  2. % lean premium/discount - The majority of U.S. packers offer premiums and discounts based on carcass lean.
  3. Carcass with a loin area 10 sq. in. or larger have a $1.00/cwt discount - This discount is in response to domestic retailers concerns of loin cuts larger than optimal size.

Contact your Iowa State Extension swine field specialist for more information or to obtain a spreadsheet for carcass data entry and ranking.