IPIC Programs and Projects

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Swine Building Ventilation Workshops

At a ventilation workshop with Dr. Jay Harmon

The swine ventilation workshops offer producers a mechanism to develop a progressively deeper understanding of ventilation system management and troubleshooting to create an environment for healthy and efficient pig growth. This program uses both lectures and hands-on activities to demonstrate the critical points to optimize pig growth and efficiencies in a sustainable way. The center-point of the hands-on activities is a 24 foot trailer equipped with a functioning ventilation system to simulate fan, inlet and controller management. This enables swine producers to learn about ventilation without compromising bio-security by going to an actual production facility.

The program series is comprised of three levels which are progressively more advanced.

There are two types of workshop participation costing; 1) sponsored or 2) public. A Sponsored workshop fees are paid by a business entity; typically a swine company, feed company or vet clinic and closed events. Public workshops are based on a per person basis and opened to a local region for participation.  Participants will be provided with a binder of materials

Sponsored Workshops:  Sponsors are responsible for providing the location (classroom and garage area for trailer) and the meal for participants.  They also pay an additional fee to cover ISU Extension and Outreach expenses.
Phase 1 Workshops - $600 for first day, $500 for second day in same area.  
Phase 2 Workshops - $600 for first day, $500 for second day in same area.
Phase 3 Workshops - fee not yet established. 

Public Workshops: These workshops have the expenses above but must also incorporate meal and facility costs.  
Phase 1 Workshops - TBD/person (15 person minimum - 30 max)
Phase 2 Workshops -  TBD/person (12 person minimum - 20 max)
Phase 3 Workshops - fee not yet established.

For more information, contact Jay Harmon, Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering 515-294-0554, jharmon@iastate.edu or any ISU extension and outreach swine program specialist:
Russ Euken (north central Iowa): 641-231-1711, reuken@iastate.edu
Tom Miller (southeast Iowa): 319-931-3781, tmiller@iastate.edu
Dave Stender (northwest Iowa): 712-261-0225, dstender@iastate.edu
Colin Johnson (south central Iowa): 515-291-9287, colinj@iastate.edu 
Mark Storlie (northeast Iowa): 563-425-3331, mstorlie@iastate.edu

Iowa Swine Day

June 28, 2018

Scheman Building, Ames, Iowa
Annual event focusing on topics and presenters vital to today’s pork industry.

Truck wash facilities and information

Transportation of live animals is a key part in the pork production chain. Strict biosecurity practices are crucial to reduce disease spread between farms when moving these animals. Although there are several biosecurity practices in place at the farm level, it is also necessary to provide these practices on external vectors such as trailers used for animal transportation to prevent disease from entering the farms. One way to ensure proper biosecurity standards are met is to wash your trailers at a location that provides services to minimize or eliminate risk of spreading disease.

This site offers relevant information concerning livestock transportation and biosecurity practices at different truck washes. It also identifies truck wash locations within the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, and South Dakota with pin points. Within the state of Iowa, general services of each truck wash are provided.

IPPA regional meetings

Annually held in four locations across the state in mid to late February.  Sponsored in conjunction with Iowa Pork Producers Association. See information and presentations starting from 2008 on the IPPA website.