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PorkBridge provides relevant and timely information for people involved with grow-finish swine operations. Since its inception in 2005, the series has reached producers and swine industry professionals across the U.S. and around the world. The audio portion of each session is recorded and provided to subscribers as it becomes available. For some of the earliest sessions listed no audio is available.

PorkBridge 2020 runs from February through December on an every-other-month basis. Registrations are accepted anything during the year. See the brochure for schedule, topics, speakers and registration form.

Presentations from selected program years are available for viewing by program year as listed below. Please note that information was correct and appropriate as of the presentation date. No guarantee is made of accuracy of any of the information since that date.

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2021 program year sessions click to expand

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February 2021
How to Handle Activists on Farms; Jen Sorenson, Iowa Select Farms

April 2021
Mental Health for Pig Barn Workers; Monica McConkey, Minnesota Department Of Ag

June 2021
In-barn Impacts on Pork Quality; Matt Ritter, Provimi US

August 2021
Water Management to Maximize Performance; Nat Stas, PIC

October 2021
Biosecurity for Grow-Finish Production; Jeff Blythe, Pipestone

December 2021
Interventions to Reduce Mortality: Postweaning; Chris Rademacher, Iowa State University


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2020 program year sessions click to expand

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February 2020
African Swine Fever and Secure Pork Supply; Pam Zaabel, Iowa State University

April 2020
Maintenance of Euthanasia Equipment; Steve Moeller, The Ohio State University

May/June 2020
COVID-19 safety guidelines for essential swine industry employees; Matt Ritter, Provimi US

August 2020
Tail, Ear and Flank Biting: Reasons Why and How to Address; Yuzhi Li, University of Minnesota

October 2020
Proper Application of Disinfectants; Jose Ramirez, Virox Animal Health

December 2020
Precision Technologies For Commercial Pork Production; Andy Brudtkuhl, National Pork Board


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2019 program year sessions click to expand

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February 2019
Foreign Animal Disease Awareness; Patrick Webb, National Pork Board

April 2019
Current Manure Research; Melissa Wilson, University of Minnesota

May/June 2019
Water Quality Considerations for Sows; Jesse McCoy, Neogen

August 2019
Contract Growing; Dusty Compart and Chris Murphy, Compeer

October 2019
Controlling Barn Environment; Brett Ramirez, Iowa State University

December 2019
Timely Intervention of Sick Pigs; John Baker, WVC Legacy Veterinary Services