Iowa Pork Industry Center
Phytase Study 2000

Contact: Larry McMullen

Project description

Photo - Collecting solid manure Photo 2 - Collecting liquid manure Photo 3 - Reading water meter
Collecting solid manure Collecting liquid manure Reading water meter
Photo 4 - Control pen Photo 5 - Water meters for phytase and control pen  
Control pen Water meters for phytase
and control pen

Project description:
Results from a swine demonstration project at Kirkwood Community College will help the swine industry determine the effects of using dietary phytase to reduce phosphorus. Phytase is an enzyme that breaks down a component (phytate) in grains and oil seeds, resulting in more dietary phosphorus being available to the pig. ISU Extension swine field specialist Larry McMullen coordinates the project in cooperation with Arlin Karsten, DVM, and Steve Juhl from Kirkwood.

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