Iowa Pork Industry Center
Composting Project 2000

ISU Allee Research Farm
Newell, IA
Kris Kohl and Dennis DeWitt

Project description

photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5
Abandoned swine building Compost bins Compost thermometer Dividing wall Close up of divide wall
photo6 photo7 photo8
Compost bins Corn stalk bales Beanstalk bale

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: A livestock composting project in northwest Iowa is helping producers make economically feasible decisions regarding disposal of their fallen animals. These photos were taken at the Allee Research Farm, one of the 14 sites involved in the project.

Approximately 250 pigs have been composted here since the project began in November 1999. The project's main co-composting material is wood shavings from a turkey brooder house at a cost of $7 per full dump truck, delivered.

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