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PorkBridge is a distance education series that provides relevant and timely information for people involved with grow-finish swine operations. It combines electronic information viewed on a computer with live presentations by topic experts via phone on an every-other-month basis for a total of six times during each program year. Since its inception in 2005, the series has reached producers and industry professionals across the U.S. and around the world. The audio portion of each session is recorded and provided to subscribers as it becomes available. For some of the earliest sessions listed no audio is available.


Below, see the list of topics, speakers and presentations (pdf) , and listen to available audio (.wav ) from the program. This list is updated as files are available. Please note that information was correct and appropriate as of the presentation date. No guarantee is made of accuracy of any of the information since that date.


See information on the 2016 PorkBridge distance educational series, including a link to download the registration brochure.


PorkBridge 2014

February 2014: Joel DeRouchey, Kansas State University, "Optimizing Feed Efficiency to Maximize Your Bottom Line" Audio file

April 2014: Mike Brumm, Brumm Swine Consultancy, Inc., "Are You Smarter Than Your Barn Controller?" Audio file

June 2014: Jon Hoek, Belstra Milling Company Inc. , "Importance of Educating Others about Pork Production" (Joint presentation with SowBridge) Audio file

August 2014: Brandon Fields, Genus PIC, "Getting the Right Pigs to Market" Audio file

October 2013: Lisa Tokach and Megan Potter, Abilene Animal Hospital, P.A., "Biosecurity – Keeping Diseases from Being Transported onto the Farm" Audio file

December 2014: Locke Karriker, Iowa State University, "On-farm Necropsies -- Who, What, Where, When and Why?" Audio file


PorkBridge 2012-2013

December 2012: John Patience, Iowa State University, "Strategies to reduce feed costs" Audio file

February 2013: Mike Ellis, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, "Optimizing stocking density in wean-finish barns" Audio file

April 2013: Aaron Gaines, The Maschoffs, "Managing finishing pigs to improve production efficiency" Audio file

June 2013: Mark Whitney, University of Minnesota, "Managing heat stress" Audio file

August 2013: Mike Tokach and Hyatt Frobose, Kansas State University, "Effect of optimizing feed withdrawal length and fiber levels prior to marketing on net return" Audio file

October 2013: Andrew Bowman, The Ohio State University, "Pigs, flu and you" Audio file


PorkBridge 2011-2012

June 2011: Eric Farrand, Pfizer, Inc., “How to Most Effectively Identify Pigs Needing TreatmentAudio file

August 2011: Jay Harmon, Iowa State University, “Energy Use and Conservation in BarnsAudio file

October 2011: Steve Dritz, Kansas State University, “How Do We Manage Immune-Castrated Pigs?Audio file

December 2011: Joel Nerem, Pipestone Veterinary Clinic, “Biosecurity for Non-Unit PersonnelAudio file

February 2012: Robert Thaler, South Dakota State University, “Quality Control When Using Alternative IngredientsAudio file

April 2012: Mark Whitney, University of Minnesota, “Tailbiting-Triggers, Prevention, and TreatmentAudio file


PorkBridge 2010-2011

June 2010: Bob Thaler, South Dakota State University, “Mycotoxins: What We’ve Learned and What We You Need to KnowAudio file

August 2010: Larry Jacobson and David Schmidt, University of Minnesota, “Current Understanding on Pit Foaming, Barn Explosions and Safety PrecautionsAudio file

October 2010: Mike Brumm, Brumm Swine Consultancy, Inc., “Preparing Your Ventilation and Heating Systems for Winter’s ChallengesAudio file

December 2010: Alan Evers, Cooper Farms, and Matt Ritter, Elanco Animal Health, “Going Hot-Shot Free: Tips to Improve Hog HandlingAudio file

February 2011: Michelle Sprague, AMVC Management Services, “Euthanasia Techniques, Tools, and ProtocolsAudio file

April 2011: Liz Wagstrom, University of Minnesota, “Pork Producers and the Issue of Antibiotic UseAudio file

PorkBridge 2009-2010
March 2009: John Waddell, DVM, Sutton Veterinary Clinic, “Current Swine Health Challenges and SolutionsAudio file

May 2009: Tom Guthrie, Michigan State University, “Managing WaterAudio file

July 2009: Jay Harmon, Iowa State University, “Energy Use and Conservation for Swine BarnsAudio file

September 2009: John Lory, University of Missouri, “Manure Value and Alteration of CompositionAudio file

November 2009: Collette Shultz-Kaster and Roger Johnson, Farmland Foods, “Packer Prospective on Quality of HogsAudio file

January 2010: Mike Tokach, Kansas State University, “Marketing Your Hogs at the Ideal WeightAudio file


PorkBridge 2007-2008
December 2007: Glen Arnold, The Ohio State University, “Swine Manure Application and Crop ResponsesAudio file

February 2008: Steve Moeller, The Ohio State University, “Pork Quality – What Producers Should KnowAudio file

April 2008: Butch Baker, Iowa State University, “Porcine Circovirus – What Do We Know and What Can We Do?Audio file

May/June 2008: Lee Whittington, Prairie Swine Centre, “Use of Large Group Pens and Auto-Sort TechnologyAudio file

August 2008: Jeff Feder, Swine Vet Center, “Properly Walking Pens” No audio file

October 2008: Stephen Pohl, South Dakota State University, “Ventilation Basics, Adjustments and MaintenanceAudio file


PorkBridge 2006-2007

October 2007: Dick Nicolai, South Dakota State University, “Odor Basics & Reducing TechnologiesAudio file

August 2007: Steve R. Meyer, Paragon Economics, Inc., “Ethanol, DDGS’s, and the Cost of Raising HogsAudio file

May 2007: Mike Brumm, Brumm Swine Consultancy, Inc.,What We’ve Learned About Out-of-Feed EventsAudio file

April 2007: Locke Karriker, Iowa State University, “Why do I have to sample so many pigs for accurate serology results?” No audio available.

February 2007: Mark Whitney, University of Minnesota, “Pig Handling Techniques and Options to Maximize Productivity” No audio available.

December 2006: Jay D. Harmon, Iowa State University, “How do ventilation controllers communicate with variable speed fans?” No audio available.


PorkBridge 2005-2006

October 2006:  Lee Johnston, University of Minnesota, “Pig Welfare – What are the basics for grow-finish facilities?” No audio available.

August 2006:  Alex Ramirez, Iowa State University, “The Basics of Grow-Finish Biosecurity” No audio available.

June 2006:  Bob Thaler, South Dakota State University, “Keeping Pigs Eating in Hot Weather” No audio available.

April 2006:  Rick Stowell, University of Nebraska, “Managing the Pig Environment: Using Your Ventilation Controller” No audio available.

February 2006:  Locke Karriker Iowa State University, “Swine Postmortem Techniques for Grow-Finish” No audio available.

December 2005:  Mike Brumm, University of Nebraska, “Feed & Water as Predictors of Tomorrow’s Performance” No audio available.

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